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"I am really happy I'm part of 9th wave. I've met really nice ladies. With all my heart I hope that this year is just the beginning of our group. Thank you for all your effort and support and for everything you have done to make us feel welcome every month."Alicia

"I truly enjoyed myself and loved speaking with all the SUPER ladies that attend. I think that 9th Wave created a miracle getting all the great ladies together.
I look forward to next month's meeting." – Donna

"I had a wonderful time meeting new friends and seeing others I had not seen in a while. Thank you also for your enthusiasm about life in general. I felt really comfortable with everyone there and made some really good connections. I will join your group of fun ladies!"Junia

"The first Ninth Wave meeting I went to was in January of 2009. I remember sitting in the parking lot with my hands and head on the steering wheel thinking, “Oh Lord, it’s come to this – I’m joining a women’s motivational group”. I’d always considered myself a strong, independent woman and couldn’t imagine what went on at such events. After moving to SW Florida, I had made few friends. Worst of all, I was struggling with almost every aspect of my 45-year old life, something I’d rarely been faced with before. At the end of a difficult and sad marriage, I’d become a zombie – forcing one foot in front of the other every day, making ends meet financially, supporting a depressed spouse, trying to raise a small child, maintaining a home, and performing at work. The attractive woman I used to be, a great cook, musically inclined, athletic, joyous and full of energy and stamina had all but disappeared. Around this time I saw a vacation picture and didn’t even recognize myself, wondering who that sad, bent over, pudgy woman was sitting there with my family.

I read a write-up on Ninth Wave Motivation in the newspaper and realized I had nothing to lose and potentially much to gain by going. After all, nothing else was working for me and I was desperate for friendships. I also love that the group meets at a local business each month, so I went to that first meeting at a shoe store having no idea what to expect. By the end of the night I was standing in the parking lot with 20 other women, letting my light blue balloon float into the sky, covered with black markered words of all I wanted to let go of: husband’s depression, financial insecurity, sadness, worry, excess flab, lack of energy, etc.

By the time the second meeting came around a month later, I was separated from my husband, and needed desperately to wake up and redefine my life. I went to each monthly Ninth Wave meeting and started making new friends. Sometimes I would go even if I felt like staying home by myself with a bag of Cheetos, a gin and tonic, a sad movie and a box of Kleenex. I never announced any specific goals to the group – I didn’t have any! I didn’t feel pressured to speak about my life, although opening up was encouraged and comfortable to do.

Over those next months, I started running again, went to the gym and lost 20 pounds. The beautiful piano I walked by ignoring every day for a year was tuned and I started playing music again. I invited friends over to make dinner for them, renewing my passion for cooking. I got a raise and a bonus and splurged on a convertible and a beach house for 2 months where I read 11 books on my stay-cation. I met up with the ladies from Ninth Wave not only at the monthly meetings, but at other events and realized I was truly enjoying life again. An old girlfriend came to visit and took a picture of us both on the beach – I saw it and recognized myself again – happy, healthy and strong. Happy.

So, with no set objectives in mind, I reached many goals that year by simply surrounding myself with the quiet support of all those wonderful Ninth Wave women who are looking for that balance, just like me."Melissa

"Ninth Wave has been a learning adventure for me. A couple of years ago, I started a downward slide into depression. It started to affect my marriage and surprisingly even the attitudes of my children, as well. One day, I read about a new diet center and my husband and I both joined. As I started to feel better about myself, I started to look around for a group of fun, supportive women. Ninth Wave has been that and much more. I’ve met a lot of really cool, special women and my entire outlook on life has changed."