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Stacie Thompson, founder of Ninth Wave, was raised on the beaches of Malibu, California, where she spent much of her time honing her surfing skills. As a surfer, the sport has shaped her beliefs and philosophies. Her positive outlook on life is, "Like surfing, sometimes the toughest part of life is paddling out!" She is an adventure seeker by nature, and constantly rides the fierce waves of life in search of the sweet spots.

That's what Ninth Wave is about. Since our founding in 2007, Stacie has been helping women achieve their dreams of finding employment, enhancing relationships, obtaining college degrees, and many others. She has written two books, available from Amazon and other booksellers.

Stacie With 9

A Word from Our Founder

I am the creator of Ninth Wave Motivation, a super-charged community for women who are open to exploring new adventures and want to soar to new heights in their career, health/fitness, relationships, and confidence.

You may be asking, what is the "Ninth" wave?

Allow me to share, I was born in California, and my roots have always been tied to the allure of water and the thrill of surfing.

A surfer will often speak of a 'ninth wave.' It's the wave that every surfer waits for, it is a wave larger than all the others and is described as epic, colossal, most powerful, legendary... It is the wave of opportunity.

The mission and purpose behind my drive is to see women thrive.

Since we're on the surfing metaphor, sometimes the toughest part of life is "paddling out" (into it)!

Our mission at Ninth Wave Motivation is to create an environment where women can experience more excitement from life. Where they walk away with a feeling of refreshment and renewed confidence.

The members in our community understand how challenging and demanding the tides of "life" can be. However, this community was created to help you embrace each "wave" with more courage and a certainty.

The Ninth Wave Community provides quarterly "Surf's Up Summit" events for our members to learn from leaders who have had their own "ups & downs." Summit speakers share their best practices to: achieve our biggest dreams, build solid friendships, and recharge our batteries.

Whether you are trying something for the first time or wanting to take your life and career to the next level, our programs and events are created to share ideas, strengthen confidence, and celebrate success.